This Week's News

Reformer of the week: John Wycliffe
England’s leading philosopher, known as the “Morning star of the Reformation”, was concerned with corruption in the church and wrote against some church teachings (e.g. purgatory, the sale of indulgences and the doctrine of transubstantiation) because they conflicted with the Bible.  
In 1378 he wrote “The Truth of Holy Scripture”.
Major themes:

  • The Bible is the ultimate authority by which the church, tradition and the Pope must be tested.
  • The Bible contains all that is needed for salvation.
  • The Bible should be available to all people in a language they can read.

Wycliffe arranged the translation of the Bible from Latin into English.
He sent out evangelists to distribute the Bible throughout England and to preach from it. His position influenced John Huss, a significant forerunner of the European reformation. Wycliffe was condemned by the Pope and the English church authorities before his death. He was “re-condemned” 30 years later, his books were destroyed, his bones burned and the ashes thrown into the river. Wycliffe Bible Translators continue his work today translating the Bible into thousands of languages.

Synod News
Our diocesan Synod met on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and meets again  tomorrow and Tuesday. Our Synod Reps are Axel B, Rob M (alternate for Judy K who is away) and Greg B.
Among many items of business the Synod has
1. Approved a provisional policy on responding to domestic abuse which provides practical and pastoral guidance for Churches, church staff and church members affected by, or involved with someone who is affected by, domestic abuse.
2. Considered  the General Synod’s legislation as a potential national policy for Safe Ministry to Children (the Synod decided that some further negotiation is required before our Diocese adopts this legislation.)
3. Heard a presentation from the Archbishop’s Taskforce for Resisting Pornography highlighting a new online resource that will be available soon.
4. Received a detailed report from an expert panel on Gender Identity and adopted the initial principles of engagement contained in the report.   
Full details of the Synod business and copies of all reports can be found on the   diocesan website:

Farewell Wayne and Helen, Caleb, Evie and Benjamin
After 5 years of ministry with us, Wayne will finish at the end of December. His last Sunday will be 31st December but we thought we would like to officially farewell him and his family on a more “normal” day before the Christmas rush and not on New Year’s Eve. We are planning their farewell during the 10am service on Sunday 10th December. If you would like to contribute to a farewell gift you can place money in a clearly marked envelope in our offering bags. You can also make a direct deposit to St. Anne’s account – please make sure you clearly mark that it is for the Mayhew farewell gift.

The Painter familyThe Painter Family
David and Leonie Painter, link missionaries with CMS , will spend a week with us from Sunday 5th November. David will preach at all services and our 6pm service will be a Cambodian themed evening including dinner. They are keen to visit all connect groups during the week.

Special Religious Education (SRE)
Scripture Teachers are needed in our schools. Can you help?
Please see Wayne or Katie for details.

RACE (Ryde Area Christian Education)
Ryde Area Christian Education Board is looking or a staff worker to serve at Ryde Secondary College teaching and coordinating the SRE program in that school. If you know anyone interested in this 3 – 4 day position, ask them to contact Greg Burke at the office or refer them to the Generate website (under the link “Become an SRE teacher”  choose “SRE positions vacant” and then choose the RACE board link.)


  • Pray for our Christmas Assemblies at Meadowbank Public  School (28th November) and Ryde Public School (1st December).
  • Pray that the violent attacks on Rohingyas in Myanmar will cease and for the Myanmar authorities to protect all their citizens.
  • Pray that Governments and NGOs will respond generously to support refugees fleeing from persecution.

Pray for those in need:

  • Ask God to comfort, strengthen and deepen the trust of those who are sick, grieving, or in special need at this time, especially Des and Koula.