This Week's News

News from Wayne & Helen
Ben was able to get his final vaccination OK. They survived their long flights and arrived safely. They’ve been at the SIM Guest House but were due to move on 13th April to a place closer to language school. Caleb begins school at Bingham Academy on Monday 16th; Wayne and Helen start language school the same day. Please pray for patience and concentration for learning Amharic; getting to know lots of new people; adjusting to new routines e.g. soaking fruit and veg in bleach, not using tap water to brush teeth, sporadic water/electricity/internet; for better health as all 5 of them have had a tummy bug. Give thanks for the encouragement of the Commissioning Service and final SIM training before departure.
To receive the Mayhews’ prayer letters please contact SIM or the church office.

book coverOperation World
In Sunday's sermon Janine spoke about prayer resources from Operation World. They can be accessed here.

You are invited to attend:
BCA  Annual Meeting Thursday 19th April  11:30am at St. Philip’s York St.  Our link missionary Rev Neville Naden, BCA’s Indigenous Ministry Office is the speaker.  Lunch will follow the meeting.  RSVP  Heather Joyce  0292625017 or
If you would like regular updates of Neville and Kathryn Naden’s work please visit BCA and sign up.


A prayer for the Diocesan Mission 2020
Our heavenly Father, fill our lives with the fruit of your Spirit, so that we may walk in joyful obedience, share your love by word and deed, and see Christ honoured in every community as Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Pray for those in need
Ask God to comfort, strengthen and deepen the trust of those who are sick, grieving, or in special need at this time, especially Betty K, John E, Des, Koula, Peg, Ditta.