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Term Two 2018

Isaiah's Vision
The book begins, “The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw…” Although the book addresses different eras of history (before the exile, the exile and after the return) it is a united vision of God and of the future God has planned for his people. In chapter 6 Isaiah has a dramatic vision of God himself. It is this vision that spurs Isaiah to preach and gives him absolute confidence in God and his plans for his people.
The background to the book is the moral and spiritual decline of God’s people who have turned away from God, and of the impending threat from the world super powers of the time, at first Assyria and then Babylon. It is a dark time in which there are no signs of hope for a golden future. In spite of this Isaiah speaks of a time of lasting peace when all nations will come to worship Israel’s God (2:1-4).
The book of Isaiah shows us how God is working to achieve his purposes and how one day he will create new heavens and a new earth. It foretells the coming of a Messiah to rule and of the Servant who will die to pay for our sin. It shows that God is transforming his people and working through them to reach the nations.
How can we have confidence that God will change people in our society or in the wider world? What can give us hope in a godless age? What will drive us to be involved in God’s mission to a lost world? We also need a renewed vision of who God is and of how he is at work today.