Preaching Program

Term 3 2017

Sundays @ 8am, 10am, 10am Impact & 6pm

Acts: The Triumphant Gospel of the Risen Lord
Luke follows up his gospel record with an account of the spread of the message of Jesus through the Mediterranean world. Despite opposition and difficulties, the gospel message and the witness of early disciples of Jesus have an amazing impact on their world. We continue that witness as we bring the triumphant gospel to our community.

Date Topic Text Preacher
30/7 The Gospel Mission Acts 1:1-26
Luke 1:1-4
Greg Burke
6/8 * The Global Harvest Field Acts 2:1-13 Janine Steele
13/8 The Gospel of Jesus Acts 2:14-47 Janine Steele
20/8 In the Name of Jesus Acts 3 Wayne Mayhew
27/8 The Cost of Obedience Acts 4:1-31 Greg Burke
3/9 * Lying to God Acts 4:32-5:11 Greg Burke
10/9 Opposition Mounts Acts 5:12-42 Katie Bolton
17/9 The Pressure of Numbers Acts 6:1-7 Katie Bolton
24/9 Dying for Your Faith Acts 6:8-7:61 Greg Burke
1/10 * Persecution Brings Growth Acts 8:1-40 Wayne Mayhew
8/10 A Persecutor Repents Acts 9:1-31 Greg Burke

* Lord’s Supper at 10am, Impact and 6pm / Morning Prayer at 8am
At 10am children are welcome to share in the Lord’s Supper, with their parents’ permission, during school holidays.