What we believe...
At St Annes Ryde Anglican Church we are convinced that Jesus is who he claimed to be, the unique Son of God, and that he alone has the right to our ultimate allegiance.
Our conviction is based on the historical claims made in the eye witness documents of the New Testament, especially the claim that Jesus rose from the dead.
What the Bible says, God says
At each of our meetings we focus on relevant and applied Bible teaching because we believe that what the Bible says, God says. This is one way we equip both individuals and our congregations to grow as God's people. We encourage members to apply their Christian faith in their workplace and neighbourhood and to care for each other in practical ways through ministries such as Helping Hands and Food Bank.

We are a church with active involvement in our local community. We teach Scripture (SRE) in our local primary and secondary schools. We also run English classes,a Playtime group and run a Cafe and help program for refugees.

We are a church with a world mission focus. We provide financial and relational support for people and organisations involved in evangelism, relief and development work in Australia and overseas.

I am coming to church - what can I expect
Experiencing something for the first time can be a daunting experience. Where do I go, what do I do? Coming to church is no different so we hope this information will help put you at ease.  If you require any assistance during your visit, please speak to one of the ushers at the entrance or contact us beforehand.

Who can come?
Everyone is welcome at church at any time. You don’t have to book, just turn up. Check out our times and location here.  You will notice that each meeting has a different ‘feel’ so come to the one you think will suit you.

What will happen when I get there?
When you arrive at the main door you will be greeted by an usher, given a news sheet, a Bible and shown to a seat. 

Our meetings usually go for a little over an 1 hour. We will stand for community singing, someone will pray from the front and the Bible will be read and explained. There will be an update on Church news and upcoming events. You won’t be expected to do or say anything.

During the meeting a bag will be passed around for the regulars to make financial contributions towards the activities of our church but there is no obligation for visitors to contribute so just pass the bag to the person next to you.

After the meeting, everyone is welcome to stay and chat over morning tea or supper. These are great opportunities to get to know one another better.

What should I wear?
Church is not formal, so wear something comfortable.

I have children…
We love to see children at any of our meetings but during the 10am meeting there is a special preschool to year 6 children’s Kid’s Bible Fun program that your child is welcome to join.
There is room for prams in the main meeting area and young children are welcome to stay with their parents.  A crèche for parents and young children where the meeting can be seen and heard is available if needed.

Undercover parking is available off Gowrie St during service times. There is disabled parking beside the Court House on Church St.

I have a disability
Our building is wheelchair-accessible and hearing loops are installed.